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Men's Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers


Men's Kyrgies Classic Wool Slippers


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Classic in design and classic in name: the felted wool slipper.

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Classic in design and classic in name: our Classic felted wool slippers are our original Kyrgies style. While our designs might have changed across the years, the quality, comfort and classic craftsmanship of these wool house shoes has not. Think timeless, indoor fashion that's the perfect fit for lounging, relaxing and embarking on the Great Indoors.


  • Handcrafted from rolled wool felt using techniques borne upon the steppes of Central Asia centuries ago.
  • Made from all-natural wool taken from small, family-herded flocks in Kyrgyzstan, these classic indoor slippers make the best of their natural properties: wool is both moisture-wicking and odor resistant, keeping your feet warm and dry, whatever the season.
  • Non-slip sole for stability on hardwood floors, as well as a low back to make them easy to slip on or off.
  • Contain just four materials: wool, glue (made from natural rubber), polyester felt and silicone grips.

Handle & Care

Please do not clean your Kyrgies with water. Thanks to the natural properties of the felted wool which they're made of, your brand new house slippers should avoid retaining odor and continue smelling like roses for their lifetime. However, if you do spill grease or any other liquid that stains, a quick trip to the dry cleaners will return them back to new.

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About Acapella:

About Acapella:

"During the summer of 2013, we were touring in southern Mexico with our band Gama and got invited to a party.
We hadn't packed much clothes besides what we would wear on stage, so we decided to go shopping.

With no success, we realized how limited Mexico is when it comes to clothing and decided to do something about it."

- Hugo & Ricardo

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