Molded Sole - Charcoal

Men's Kyrgies Molded Sole - Low Back


Men's Kyrgies Molded Sole - Low Back


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Kyrgies Molded All Naturals: Fully natural slippers with arch support.

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Kyrgies Molded All Naturals: Fully natural slippers with arch support. A house shoe designed for those wanting a firmer slipper. Handcrafted using natural wool felt, these shoes include a thick leather sole that has been specially molded to give orthopedic support to the base of your feet, as well as additional felt cushioning.


  • They keep your feet warm, cozy and dry thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of wool, but they’re made exclusively from natural materials.
  • Handcrafted by local artisans in our workshop in Kyrgyzstan from wool sourced from small, family-run farms, these shoes have sustainability woven into each and every fibre.
  • Their vegetable-tanned leather sole not only provides arch support and a non-slip grip, but is better for the environment than standard chromium-dyed leathers.

Handle & Care

Please do not clean your Kyrgies with water. Thanks to the natural properties of the felted wool which they're made of, your brand new house slippers should avoid retaining odor and continue smelling like roses for their lifetime. However, if you do spill grease or any other liquid that stains, a quick trip to the dry cleaners will return them back to new.

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