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Funda AirPods | Negro



Funda AirPods | Negro

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Color: Black

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Designed to give your AirPods a classic, yet bold new look. This minimalist, two-piece Rugged Case is built with genuine, vegetable-tanned leather from one of America's oldest tanneries. The leather is designed to beautifully patina with time, creating an AirPods case truly unique to you.

    • Black Horween leather from the USA
    • Develops a rugged patina
    • Designed for AirPods
    • Two-piece construction
    • Works with AirPods and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
    • Note: LED indicator is covered on AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
  • Also available in Rustic Brown and Natural


  • Materials
    • Black Horween Leather
    • Black polycarbonate shell
  • Compatibility
    • Built for AirPods
    • Accessible Lightning port
    • Works with AirPods and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
  • Dimensions
    • Thickness: 1.55mm
    • With case on:
      • Total width: 24.15mm
      • Total height: 56.88mm
  • Wireless
    • Wireless charging requires AirPods Wireless Charging Case
      • Qi Wireless compatible
      • Rugged Case does not affect wireless charging
      • Note: the LED indicator is covered on AirPods with Wireless Charging Case


  • Does Rugged Case work with AirPods Wireless Charging Case?
    Yes, it works with the AirPods Wireless Charging Case and AirPods with Standard Charging Case. Please note, this case does cover the LED indicator on the front of the Wireless Charging Case.
  • How do I remove the case?
    We've found the best way is to use a Lightning cable. Plug your AirPods in to charge, then hold your case and push on the Lightning cable through to carefully remove the case.
  • How should I care for my Rugged Case for AirPods?
    The leather will develop a patina over time, giving it a beautiful, worn-in and weathered look unique to you. A soft, damp cloth can help clean it, but we don't recommend fully submerging this case. For best care, use a quality leather conditioner. Learn more
  • Does this case enable wireless charging for my AirPods?
    No. This case is designed to offer a unique look and additional scratch and drop protection. However, you can charge your AirPods wirelessly with Rugged Case if you have the new AirPods Wireless Charging Case.

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