Acapella x Hola de Mar: Celebrando los pequeños placeres de la vida

Acapella x Hola de Mar: Celebrating life's little pleasures

Acapella teamed up with Hola de Mar to design a collaboration that celebrates life and the little pleasures of every day. Contributed by blogger Mariana Meehan ( @marianame ), this collection invites you to see the bright side of everything, celebrate the good vibes, and remember the fact that we're here to enjoy life. It invites you to see all the good that life has to offer, and to be grateful for every moment – ​​including the simple things like having the opportunity to relax and take time for yourself.

We love Mariana's style and creativity, and we also admire the quality of her content. We are very excited to have collaborated with her to launch a collection that includes her special touch in Acapella.

The collaboration includes four short-sleeved, ivory white crew neck T-shirts in a regular fit, made from 100% cotton. The shirts are distinguished with details and graphics that stand out in black, blue, or green that also gives them a nice touch of color.

The Feel Good Inc. Smiley T-Shirt is probably the simplest design in the collection, but just as cute. The Leisure Shirt has green accents, with a small phrase on the chest, and a large design that occupies the entire back. And the Find Something Positive T-shirt and State of Mind T- shirt both have full-front designs that are sure to lift your spirits.

The collaboration also includes three fun tote bags perfect for accompanying you on your day. The Feel Good Inc Smiley Tote has a simpler design, but we also have the Find Something Positive Tote and the Sunshine State of Mind Tote , which have the same cheerful graphics and phrases from the same t-shirts. You could not miss a pack of stickers with the most popular graphics, phrases, and designs of the collaboration.

Don't miss out on this fun and casual collaboration, perfect for everyday, and don't forget to say thank you for the good times and smiles.

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