En México, amamos el fútbol

In Mexico, we love soccer

Mexico is passionate about many things, but when it comes to sports, nothing beats soccer in this country. The love that millions of Mexicans have for this sport is on another level, it is truly incomparable. We are passionate, and we are fans.

Maybe soccer was the first sport you played as a child. Maybe it was the first thing you really enjoyed doing. Maybe it was what introduced you to your first friends, or your best ones. Perhaps it is what you like to share the most with your dad, your mom, or with other loved ones. Maybe you just appreciate the art of the game. Maybe you like soccer for a completely different reason, or all the reasons listed above and more.

No matter where you are, or who you are, or when or why you started following soccer, we are united by the emotion and love we have for this incredible sport. We enjoy following the path of a ball and how different players direct and affect that path. And although we support different teams, soccer unites Mexicans regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or social class while watching a game. Whether in a large packed stadium, from a restaurant or bar, or on TV at home. And the energy you feel is unreal.

At Acapella , we also love soccer. We believe it is a lifestyle. And we love how the sport fosters community in the country. We also admire extraordinary people, including athletes who follow their dreams, work hard, and put our country's name on high. And it is from here that a great limited edition collaboration was born: Acapella x Tigres . A collection dedicated to soccer fans, in honor of the incomparable Tigres, inspired by the history of the club and its different shields and logos that have represented the team through the years. With this collaboration we honor its history, its long history since 1962, and its evolution.

In short, it is also a collection dedicated to the love for this sport that unites us as Mexicans. The collection has something for everyone, including an amazing tracksuit, 6 differently designed t-shirts in a variety of colors (white, vintage white, black, and washed black), two totes, a hat, some socks, and even a sticker pack. .
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