5 destinos excepcionales en México para trabajar de home office

5 exceptional destinations in Mexico to work from home office

At a time when working from home has never been more common, many people have taken the opportunity to travel and work from other locations for a change of scenery. Mexico is an abundant and wonderful country, and it has much more to offer besides the typical well-known (and very, very popular) places like Cancún , Los Cabos , Puerto Vallarta , (if you are looking for a beach) or Guadalajara and Mexico City (if you are looking for city), San Miguel de Allende , Valle de Bravo and many, many more.

Next, Acapella presents you with a list where we offer you different and lesser-known destinations to work from home, at the same time taking advantage of this opportunity to show off our country. We give you a bit of everything, since the five places that we present to you are in different states. Read on to meet them!

1. Holbox Island, Quintana Roo

Escape to Isla Holbox , a beautiful rustic tropical island where you will live the simple and relaxed life at its best, located just northeast of the Yucatan Peninsula . With crystal clear waters and pristine beaches, there is no way to be stressed in this paradise. On this island, there are virtually no cars. You won't find more than a few golf carts for transportation. Therefore, you will not hear the noise of the city in this place, only the beautiful sound that the waves make when kissing the beach. Rest assured that Holbox Island is the perfect destination and paradise to live slowly, enjoy every moment, and submit to an oasis of tranquility. The only thing: you will have to make sure you get a good WiFi since you will not be able to find it everywhere on this island. And don't miss one of the most popular activities: go snorkeling with the beautiful whale sharks.

2. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

If you are looking for the good life on the beach without being isolated, with a young atmosphere, and that is also a place that has a lot to offer (...but that is not Tulum ...) Puerto Escondido is the perfect place for you. There are a variety of stunning beaches in the area, including the indispensible Playa Carrizalillo where you have to descend more than 150 steps to reach this beautiful secluded bay, but it's so worth it! Puerto Escondido is also known for having incredible waves perfect for surfing, so you can't leave here without giving it a try or taking a lesson. The nights are exciting in Puerto Escondido, so don't miss out on the nightlife in Zicatela where there is plenty to choose from such as: Chula , Mar & Wana , Xcaanda , and Piedra de la Iguana . And you definitely can't miss the Puerto Escondido food scene. You'll find a fair number of terrific restaurants at your disposal, including:

3. Sayulita, Yucatan

There's a reason why this sun and sand destination isn't so secret anymore: people fall deeply in love with Sayulita . Colorful, lively and vibrant are three words that describe this bohemian Mexican town, located about an hour from Puerto Vallarta . You will love walking through its colorful streets and enjoying its exquisite sea and beach. Sayulita is renowned for many things, including its collection of boutique hotels that contribute to its bohemian and artsy vibe. Art lovers will enjoy the various galleries where they can find Huichol art, artisan workshops, and decorations that they will want to take home. Other experiences not to be missed include a visit to the Mi Chaparrita ecotourism ranch in the incredible jungle (think: zip lines, horseback riding, hikes, and more), and another visit to Islas Marietas National Park , where you'll find the famous Playa del Amor (also known as Hidden Beach ).

4. Forests of Monterreal, Coahuila

If you are looking for a destination other than the beach, Monterreal is the perfect place for those who prefer the mountains and cooler climates. Here you will not find an ocean, but you will find a sea of ​​trees and pine trees that will give you the best fresh air and enchanting views. Just 45 minutes from Saltillo , Monterreal is full of cozy cabins, many with perfect terraces to enjoy a good morning coffee and a delicious wine at night. Far from the noise of the city, it will be very easy to concentrate while you work inside this beautiful forest. Monterreal also offers a wide variety of recreational activities. Rest assured that you are going to have fun here, since you can do everything, including: skiing, horseback riding, zip lining, walking, hiking, rappelling, riding an ATV, and more. And if you are looking for something more relaxing, you can go pamper yourself at the Alpino Spa .

5. Tepoztlan, Morelos

Mexico has a great collection of Magical Towns, and Tepoztlán is one of them. A Magical Town is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, important events, daily life, in short, magic that emanates from each of its socio-cultural manifestations. In other words: they are incredible tourist opportunities. Tepoztlán is ideal for people passionate about Mexican history who enjoy knowing and learning, since this place is a museum in itself. Walking through its streets, you will find an incredible concentration of Mexican culture, as it is full of churches and historical architecture, shops full of handicrafts, barsitos (you have to try the local craft beer), restaurants, food stalls and bakeries. Tepoztlán also has an incredible landscape and wonderful views. Climbing to the top of Tepozteco is mandatory during your stay, since Tepozteco is the symbol of the city. In this shrine temple dedicated to the warrior gods, you will be able to admire a magnificent view of the entire valley. Visit the Carlos Pellicer Museum of Pre-Hispanic Art to appreciate Mayan, Olmec and Zapotec pieces donated by the Tabasco poet. In this town you can also try pre-Hispanic food, with the opportunity to get to know Mexican culture in a completely new way, and try much more by walking through the typical and indispensable Mexican market. Conveniently, Tepoztlán offers a variety of hotels for every budget, including boutique hotels like Sitio Sagrado , Hostal de la Luz , and Casa Fernanda .
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