La Colección X-Pocket: Un clásico de Acapella

The X-Pocket Collection: An Acapella Classic

At Acapella , we're not just dedicated to designing amazing and unique graphic tees. We are also dedicated to designing the best basics, and any other type of t-shirt and t-shirt that we think you need in your closet. We wanted to give a special touch to the basic t-shirts, and with that idea we launched the X-Pocket collection .

The collection includes several short-sleeved men's t-shirts, made of 100% cotton, with a small pocket on the upper left side of the garment. What distinguishes them is a small embroidered “X” in the corner of the pocket. It's a small detail that makes all the difference, and immediately gives the shirt personality and lifts your outfit. With its urban touch, the t-shirts are perfect for daily life and any occasion.

The X-Pocket collection quickly became a favorite, evident in how it ran out of inventory time and time again. The good thing is that the collection is already here to stay.

The X-Pocket Tee is available in two different styles, in the cuts and colors you need. First up is the short-sleeve X-Pocket Curved Hem Tee with a scoop neckline and curved hemline. Loose fit, this style is for a more relaxed and edgy look. The X-Pocket Curved Hem Tee is available in seven different colors: Grey , White , Black Wash , Turbulence , Army Green , Castor Green , and Black .

There's also the X-Pocket Classic Tee , which is definitely a bit more formal than the last. The classic hem cut together with the crew neck results in a clean and classic look. It is available in white , black wash , oak , army green , and black .

We also have the collection in different packs of three shirts: X-Pocket Classic in classic tones , X-Pocket Classic in monochromatic tones , and X-Pocket Curved Hem in monochromatic tones .

Just like you, we loved the concept of the "X" in the Acapella garments. Because of that, we decided to explore and consider what else we could design with this symbol, and that's where the inspiration for our Smiley collection came from – one of our favorites and best sellers.

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