Wellness Society: La nueva colección que promociona un estilo de vida saludable

Wellness Society: The new collection that promotes a healthy lifestyle

We at Acapella are incredibly excited and proud to introduce the new Wellness Society collection . This collection is dedicated to physical and mental well-being, and is inspired by Aimé Leon Dore – a New York brand that focuses on simple yet powerful designs.

The concept of the Wellness Society consists of a university-type club that seeks to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. It also seeks to motivate you to implement good habits in your day to day for a full life, in which you can achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest. The collection is both sporty and relaxed, and includes two t-shirts, two pullovers, two hats, and a tote bag.

The two T-shirts are short-sleeved, classic cut, and crew neck. The A Team Tee is vintage white with a small sports graphic. In contrast, the AW Tee is reactive white in color and has a large motivational design on the back, with a small Wellness Society logo on the front.

As for the crew neck pullovers, you will never want to take them off. The AH & S Pullover is an army green men's sweatshirt with another version of the collection's logo, while the Healthy Pullover is a completely different style, jasper gray in color and reminiscent of classic college merch. In a sports-style collection like this, caps cannot be missing. We launched two baseball-style caps with different logos from the collection, the green A Stamp Cap and the navy blue Name Cap . Finally, the Healthy Tote is an ecological bag, and the perfect complement to your outfit.

Acapella invites you to join the Wellness Society, to motivate each other and be healthy together.

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