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Article: 8 tips for clothing care

8 tips para el cuidado de ropa

8 tips for clothing care

The idea of ​​going shopping to transform your closet with new clothes can be exciting and tempting, but you also have to be well informed to take care of the clothes you already have. The more you take care of your clothes, the longer they last, and Acapella is here to help you extend the life of your favorite clothes. Also, investing in good quality clothing can be expensive, which is why it's even more important to take care of it. Below you will find the best tips for the best care of your clothes, which you can also use for your Acapella garments.

1. Check the label of each garment

Most clothes have labels that, beyond indicating what they are made of, tell you exactly how to care for the garments, and what to avoid when you go to wash them. Looking at these instructions is a good way to start, and probably even the best way to care for your clothes. But if you have clothes that do not have a label with instructions, the following tips will also help you.

2. Wash your clothes less often

The less you wash, the better – as over time, washing fades color and removes structure from garments. We recommend that you wash your clothes only when necessary. In this way, less water is also used, which is also an advantage.

3. Wash clothes with similar colors

Separate clothes by color and wash in different piles at the same time. Sometimes light colored clothes are damaged when washed with darker clothes. To avoid this, separate the white clothes, another pile of black and dark clothes, and a last pile of light colors.

4. Wash with cold water

In general, it is better to wash clothes in cold, lukewarm or room temperature water so as not to alter the fabric, color, elasticity and quality of the garments.

5. Use a good detergent

Choosing a quality detergent is key to extending the life of your clothes. Use a detergent that strengthens the fibers of your clothes, and that is suitable for more delicate garments. It's also best to select a detergent with natural ingredients that doesn't have chemicals, and also make sure to avoid using excess detergent so you don't damage your clothes.

6. Spot clean right away

It is important to attend to any stains as soon as possible. Natural materials like cotton or linen are excellent at absorbing liquids ( red wine). So the sooner you start removing the stain, the easier it will be to completely remove it from the fabric.

7. Avoid the dryer if you can.

The risk of shrinkage can be reduced by avoiding the tumble dryer and air-drying, or flat-drying. Although the dryer is quite convenient and does not damage many items, there are some more delicate items that need to be hung to dry.

8. Be more careful with delicate garments

Clothing that is made of silk, synthetic fabrics with polyester, fine knits, leather, fur, velvet, and other lightweight fabrics should be classified as delicates. These garments require different and more careful care, to help them maintain their shape, appearance and longevity. Although some of these garments can be machine washed (check the label!), there are some garments such as those that are hand knitted that require hand washing in cold water and air drying. Others even require a visit to the dry cleaner.

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