Acapella x Stanford: Una excelente colección para una excelente universidad

Acapella x Stanford: An excellent collection for an excellent university

Just as Stanford University strives for excellence in everything it does, Acapella is the same. Acapella loves Stanford and all it stands for. We both value innovation, community, and new ideas. We are both curious and passionate about discovery and creativity. We seek to forge deep alliances in our community, and we always try to make a difference in it and in the world when we have the opportunity.

The Acapella x Stanford collection was born just like that: wanting to represent and unite the Latino community at the university. It is a pride to know that there are talented Latinos at Stanford breaking boundaries and working for incredible things. And for Acapella, there's no better way to show that pride than by launching a special collection in their honor.

Inspired by the university's Latino Student Club, the release includes a men's cap and t-shirt, both in Stanford's iconic dark red. Both have a simple but efficient design, with the word Stanford in white and in the same font as the university – it's a fun twist on the word “Stanford”. The cap is baseball style, and the t-shirt is short-sleeved, made of 100% cotton with a classic cut and crew neck.

The pieces are cute and transport you to college life, immersing you in the school spirit as well.


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