La Colección Smiley: Una de nuestras favoritas y más vendidas

The Smiley Collection: One of our favorites and best sellers

Say goodbye to basic t-shirts without personality. Having basic pieces in your closet is key, and that includes having non-graphic tees – no matter how much we love them.

But there may be an in-between, and Acapella took it upon themselves to design and launch one for you. This in-between is one of our favorite collections, and one of our best sellers: the Smiley Collection .

This collection brings personality to what would otherwise be a plain T-shirt (we refrain from using the word “ordinary” because Acapella shirts are anything but).

The pieces in this launch are classic short-sleeved t-shirts with a round neck, "distressed" finishes and a perfect fit. But in the upper left part they have our favorite happy face embroidered, which contains our emblematic "X" as eyes. It is a small detail that makes all the difference and gives an urban touch to the t-shirts, and as a result, to your style.

In creating the design, we were inspired by our classic X Pocket Tees as we wanted to reinforce the use of the famous "X" in more of our pieces and that's exactly how this cute happy face was born.

The Smiley collection obviously has everything that makes our t-shirts durable and the best on the market. The shirts are ethically made from 100% cotton, with soft, breathable fabric and anti-pilling technology.

To give you plenty of options, we launched Smiley T-shirts in three monochromatic shades: Grey , White , Black Wash , Rock , and Ink .

We also sell the bundled collection that includes all three shirts to make your shopping experience easier (and because we know you'll want them all however you want!).

The Smiley collection is the basic pieces you need in your closet – but better.

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