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Article: 2021: A Big Year For Acapella

2021: Un Gran Año Para Acapella

2021: A Big Year For Acapella

As a new year approaches, Acapella is extremely grateful for a 2021 full of achievements and goals achieved. It was a year of innovation, collaboration and creativity. We are very proud of the results – but more than anything, we are grateful for your support.

We'd love to share with you our favorite moments from this year at Acapella.

We launch the Pima collection

Our new collection of t-shirts made with Pima cotton, the best cotton in the world, went on sale. Originally from Peru, the cotton is harvested by hand and the result is an extremely soft, fresh and light shirt that will last longer than shirts made with other types of cotton.

The collection is ethically made in Peru and includes white, navy blue and black t-shirts – the perfect basic for your closet of the highest quality. With good reason, these Pima slip-ons quickly became bestsellers.

GQ Mexico named us "The Best T-Shirts in Mexico"

GQ México magazine published an article with everything you need to know about Acapella, from how the brand came about, the role of our t-shirts and why you need them. He declares our shirts ideal for any occasion, since they are "elegant, comfortable and of excellent quality."

GQ also mentioned us in its accessory guide for the return of music festivals, where it recommends our face mask.

We launch the best Hoodies in Mexico

Having the best t-shirts in Mexico, we got to work at Acapella to launch the best hoodies in Mexico. These hoodies and pullover sweatshirts are made of 100% cotton, designed with anti-shrink technology that ensures great durability. The collection is perfect for winter, coming in black, bone, and army green.

5 Great Collaborations

This year, Acapella had the opportunity to work with incredible brands and people who share our values. Together, we launch unique collections that tell different stories through clothing.

First we worked with Mau López to launch a tribute to the beach with four t-shirts, a crop top, a cap, and two bathing suits. With phrases personally chosen by Mau, it is a collection that will surely put you in a good mood.

We also teamed up with Hola de Mar to design a collection that celebrates life and the little pleasures of every day. Contributed by blogger Mariana Meehan ( @marianame ), this collection invites you to see the bright side of everything, and its four t-shirts and tote bags are perfect for everyday.

After endless messages and demand, our third collaboration of the year was with Alexander Ross . The star of this shirt is our good friend the crocodile Claudio, who always vibrates with good energy.

We're also partnering with Shake Shack to welcome you to your first location in Monterrey. This t-shirt celebrates how tasty the food is at Shake Shack and its new home in the mountain city.

Lastly, we collaborated with the brand Sarelly Sarelly by Anna Sarelly ( @annasarelly ) to launch the “ It's Okay Not To Be Okay ” collection, in order to honor our feelings and give them the importance they deserve. With its various t-shirts, a hat, sweatshirt and shorts, it's a collection for everyone that celebrates emotions and what makes us human.

We launched " The Second Life Project "

This project was born with the purpose of promoting sustainability and helping our planet one shirt at a time. We invite you to bring your new, old, or used shirts to any Acapella store to give them a second life. With the fiber from these shirts and recycled plastic, we create new thread to make 100% recycled shirts. For each shirt donated, we give you $50 MXN for your next purchase at Acapella.

In addition, the shirts that cannot be recycled are donated to people who need them. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on earth, and Acapella is proud to be part of this movement to encourage sustainable fashion.

The new marketplace

This year we also launched our online Marketplace where we display quality national and international brands. We offer a wide variety of products from clothing, shoes, books, watches, accessories for your electronics, and more. Currently you can find brands like Olivers , Nomad , Lorenza , Niklaas Fritz and Romero & McPaul .

What comes this 2022

After a wonderful year with much to be thankful for, we are excited for all that is coming here at Acapella. We propose a year full of collaborations, great launches, and a better Marketplace with many more brands at your fingertips.

Acapella is ready to meet all these goals. But more than anything, we are ready for this 2022!

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