"Acapella, las mejores t-shirts de México" - GQ

"Acapella, the best t-shirts in Mexico" - GQ

most men want dress well , but we don't always know how to do it. The simple idea of ​​having to go shopping and find a good look terrifies us, but the reality is that it is not that complicated. Most of us like to dress simply: t-shirt , jeans and tennis. The key is to have good t-shirts, it is the garment that stands out the most, the one that gives you personality and the one that needs the most turnover.

acapella is the best option t-shirts in Mexico . The brand was founded by Hugo Martínez and Ricardo Coronado, two former members of the musical group Gama , who realized that Mexico was limited in quality clothing for men. After 8 years perfecting t-shirts , bring us their new Pima collection , made with the best cotton in the world. It is a 100% natural Peruvian fabric that is harvested by hand and is extremely soft, fresh and very light . But the most incredible thing is its durability. All t shirts acapella They come with anti-shrink and anti-pilling technology. They are designed to come out of the washing machine as they came in, with the fit and the perfect look.

What is the role of an Acapella t-shirt?

is the basic garment What do you use for everything? Currently our rhythm of life forces us to get dressed in a pragmatic way. We dress the same to go to work, go out to eat or visit a bar. That is why a good t shirt It is essential in your wardrobe. acapella offers a wide variety of t shirts Premium ranging from basic with solid colors to emotional graphics.

The long and fine fiber with which t-shirts are made acapella It is characterized by its high resistance, comfort, and durability. This material is up to 50% more resistant than most standard varieties of cotton, which gives garments characteristics of durability, flexibility, and an extraordinarily delicate and unsurpassed sensation. soft to the touch. In addition, this fabric is free of pesticide residues and synthetic fertilizers, completely hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
acapella has great approval from its customers and has become one of the favorite brands from the internet. His followers exceed half a million on social networks and we constantly see big celebrities wearing his shirts.
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