Acapella x Alexander Ross: Inesperado, pero muy bienvenido

Acapella x Alexander Ross: Unexpected, but very welcome

Acapella is anything but ordinary, just like the Acapella x Alexander Ross collaboration. The way this collaboration came about has never happened before on Acapella, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Alexander Ross is a content creator from Mexico City with more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok. His followers proved to be loyal and quite persistent by flooding our social networks asking us for a collaboration with him.

After endless messages, ignoring them was not an option. Acapella was happy to listen and get to work creating and releasing this collaboration with Alexander, and we loved the result.

Together we launched a short-sleeved, classic-cut white t- shirt with a unique, colorful, and fun design that conveys Alexander's essence and positive energy. The star of this shirt is an animated design of our good friend the crocodile Claudio (obviously), who always vibrates with good energy.

One of the reasons this collaboration is so special to us is because it shows that here at Acapella we highly value our customers and what they have to say. We are here to listen to you always.

We value your opinion and beyond being honored to have you as a customer, we are also honored that you feel the confidence to make suggestions and solicit collaborations with other creators and public figures. And just as we love collaborating with these people, we also love collaborating and working with our fans – we'll always be there for you.

We hope this release is just the first of many collaborations that happen thanks to our fans and audience. Let's go for many more!

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