Birkenstock: Ya disponible en Acapella Marketplace

Birkenstock: Now available on Acapella Marketplace

It's hard not to know about Birkenstock sandals – they're renowned the world over, with good reason. If you don't have them, you sure know about them. And best of all, you can now get them at the Acapella Marketplace .

Birkenstock is a German brand of sandals and other shoes noted for the insoles or soles of their shoes that adapt to the shape of your feet – something that makes them extremely comfortable. Birkenstock sandals are also made to last and are perfect for a casual look in the summer. If you wear them to go to a cafe, to the beach, to run errands, to a casual gathering with friends, or just to be at home, your feet will be happy.

Birkenstock is dedicated to the fine art of making premium shoes that are good for you. The result is the best in quality, comfort and support. Birkenstocks have been committed to this purpose since 1774, and they have been successful. By 1925, Birkenstocks were being sold throughout Europe, and in 1966 they began to be sold in the US market. With centuries of experience, Birkenstock shoes are of the highest quality with perfected designs. Today, Birkenstock has even collaborated with luxury brands like Valentino, Céline, Givenchy, and Manolo Blahnik, proving its prevalence in the fashion industry.

At Acapella we are very excited to expand our Marketplace and welcome you to Birkenstock. We offer only the best products, and Birkenstock sandals are definitely worth the money. We currently have two styles of men's Birkenstock sandals available online: the Arizona model and the Milano model .
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