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Article: Acapella x Shake Shack: Welcome to the Mountain City

Acapella x Shake Shack: Bienvenido a la Ciudad de las Montañas

Acapella x Shake Shack: Welcome to the Mountain City

Shake Shack 's food is bliss for the palate, and Acapella is honored to have been the royal brand that welcomed it to its first location in the city of Monterrey.

The restaurant had humble beginnings, starting with a hot dog cart in New York City. After quickly becoming successful, Shake Shack became a phenomenon. Now an international chain with 350 locations globally, renowned for its specialty New York flavor.

The hamburger chain is one of the best at the moment, as it offers gourmet-quality fast food. Their extensive menu of delicious burgers, hot dogs, fries, ice cream and milkshakes will have you coming back time and time again as a frequent customer.

Acapella celebrated the opening of the restaurant in the Mountain City with the launch of a limited edition t-shirt . The t-shirt is ivory white with short sleeves, a classic cut and a round neckline. But the star of the garment is a fun design that celebrates all the great food at Shake Shack, our beautiful host city, and Acapella.

We love being obsessed with Shake Shack, just like we love celebrating high-quality food on high-quality t-shirts.

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