La Colección Pima: Un Bestseller Instantáneo

The Pima Collection: An Instant Bestseller

T-shirts from the Pima collection quickly became best sellers in Acapella with good reason – they're quality on the next level. With great pride, the news of its release was even published in GQ Mexico .

What makes this collection so special is the way the shirts are made. For starters, it includes a star material – the shirts are made from 100% Pima cotton . Also known as the best cotton in the world .

Originally from Peru, the cotton is harvested by hand and the result is an extremely soft, cool and lightweight t-shirt that is wrinkle resistant. Along with anti-shrinkage and anti-pilling technology, the Pima T-shirt will outlast T-shirts made with other types of cotton, while maintaining its unmatched quality.

This collection is one of our favorites and is ethically made in Peru. We take care of launching a variety of styles in many colors to satisfy everyone's tastes and so that you have all the basics you need in your closet.

We released three short sleeve crew neck t - shirts in black , white , navy , beige , greyish blue , and dark gray . We are also launching the same crew neck style but with long sleeves in black , white , and greyish blue . We decided to also include long-sleeved and short-sleeved Henley shirts in various colors, along with the classic tri-color polo .

We also sell t-shirts from the collection in packs of three with different colors and styles, for an easier and smarter purchase. We already know that you will want to buy them all, and it is also the ideal gift for any occasion.

Do not miss the Pima collection, the perfect basic with high comfort and a lot of style that will never go out of style.

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