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Article: The GOAT Collection: So Memorable, It's Back

La Colección G.O.A.T: Tan memorable, que está de vuelta

The GOAT Collection: So Memorable, It's Back

Acapella is happy to present the second release in the GOAT collection – it's back, and here to stay.

GOAT is an acronym that stands for “Greatest of All Time” – it translates to “the greatest of all time.” It is a label that is given to exceptional people who master their area and vocation. Although the term is very common in sports, it is also used to refer to musicians and other public figures.

This collection pays homage to those who have memorably excelled, and includes a variety of short-sleeve and regular-fit t-shirts for men, with all the qualities that make these t-shirts the best on the market. The off-white GOAT Tee has a simple but efficient design, with a list of extraordinary athletes who dominate their sport on the top left of the shirt, and also has the famous acronym on the back . The Greatest Tee is another version of the same concept, with the names of the athletes in the center of the shirt and the phrase "The Greatest of All Time" on the back.

The GOAT Deco Tee is the funniest shirt in the collection with a variety of colors and playful typography. We also have the Jordan Tee that celebrates the incomparable basketball player Michael Jordan, inspired by the general opinion that Jordan is the best player in the NBA to have stepped on the basketball court.

The collection also includes garments that are ideal for cool seasons. We have the simple GOAT Acronym Hoodie , and for music lovers, The Greatest of All Time Pullover is more than perfect with a great list of legendary musicians who made their mark in the industry.

On the other hand, we also have the GOAT Division Tee in white for a university and sports style, along with the GOAT Division Pullover with the same concept to complete. Of course, this collection would not be complete without a cap, which is why we have The Greatest Cap in a baseball style.

The GOAT collection is definitely one of our favorites, bound to be memorable in your closet.

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