Slub Tees: Las mejores playeras para el verano

Slub Tees: The Best T-Shirts for Summer

One of Acapella 's purposes is to design and manufacture smart clothing of the best quality, to offer you the perfect basics you need in your closet. With basics, we believe that simple is smart. Acapella has designed and launched several models of basic t-shirts, and today we introduce you to Slub Tees .

The t-shirts in this collection are made of 100% cotton with slub weave , or slub weave. Slub fabric is a fabric made with yarn that has an uneven texture. It is characterized by its marbled texture, which results in an interesting and perfectly irregular garment with different shades, since slub absorbs color differently from the rest of the yarn. In a way, slub -knit garments look like a work of art.

We currently have for sale the Slub Classic Tee with short sleeves and a regular fit, with a classic cut and a round neckline. You can get it individually in three colors:white ,black , andink , or in a pack of three for an easier and more efficient purchase.

The same imperfections in the slub fabric make the t-shirts look aesthetically pleasing, and elevate your style. Interestingly, slub fabric used to be an undesirable quality in all kinds of garments, but it has grown in popularity quite a bit. It is now very common, particularly for casual wear.

But probably the best quality of these shirts is the fact that the slub fabric makes them incredibly fresh and light. This makes them perfect for surviving the hot summer months. It is the shirt that you will want to wear for days at the beach and pool, or for your trip full of long sightseeing outdoors. It is even convenient to wear it for a simple walk. With all this in mind, there is no doubt that the Slub Classic Tee is the essential shirt for summer.

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