Sandalias Milano - Dark Brown

Milano sandals


Milano sandals


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Upper Material

Authentic leather with the thickest cut on the market (3mm thick). Birkenstock leathers are specially selected for their quality, thus guaranteeing their durability.


Suede and Cork:
Suede Covered Cork:
Cork is a regenerable raw material that is extracted from the bark of the cork oak. It is a natural heat insulating product and has excellent cushioning properties.
Leather lining, flexible and harmless to the skin, which welcomes the foot by adopting its shape and folding to its profile. The surface of the lining is particularly breathable and thus provides a pleasant environment inside the shoe.


Rubber soles are very light and flexible. These soles are made from rubber, a vegetable material that has great durability and resistance to friction, making them have great grip on any terrain.

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Acerca de Acapella:

Acerca de Acapella:

"During the summer of 2013, we were touring in southern Mexico with our band Gama and got invited to a party.
We hadn't packed much clothes besides what we would wear on stage, so we decided to go shopping.

With no success, we realized how limited Mexico is when it comes to clothing and decided to do something about it."

- Hugo & Ricardo

Nomad Smartwear.