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Article: Celebrating 9 years of Acapella

Celebrando 9 años de Acapella

Celebrating 9 years of Acapella

Our begining

It all started with two musicians who were on tour in southern Mexico with their band, Gama. In each city they visited, they sought to buy good shirts. They wanted them to be comfortable, to reflect their attitude and style, and to give them the confidence they needed to go on stage to play.

They didn't expect that finding clothes that fit their modern, nomadic lifestyle would be so difficult. There were only shirts that forced them to sacrifice their desire to be creative and unique. One thing was very clear: Mexico was limited in good options for clothing brands. And that's when the two musicians, Hugo Martínez and Ricardo Coronado, decided to fix this problem by creating their own clothing brand.

Our name

Hugo and Ricardo have always been fans of music, and the concept of a cappella was always a beautiful thing for them — when the singer needs nothing more than their voice to make music. Naming the brand Acapella was the perfect way to connect it with her love of music, and it was from there that the brand's ideology was born as well: humans don't need anything or anyone to be special. All they need is confidence in their own voice and a desire to be heard.

9 hits for 9 years of Acapella

We are forever grateful for nine wonderful years of Acapella. We are grateful for our team, and years of hard work, effort, ups and downs, progress, learning, and evolution.

But more than anything, we are grateful for our customers and supporters, who with their loyalty and support make everything possible. To celebrate the nine years of Acapella, we present you nine hits that we are celebrating on this anniversary.

1. More than 700,000 shirts sold

We gave our all to these shirts to offer you the best possible quality. T-shirts that we spend a lot of time designing, manufacturing, and promoting, hoping to reach more and more people with each design we release.

2. More than 250,000 happy customers

We have had the honor of successfully serving more than 250,000 clients over the years. To connect with people who share our love of graphic tees , stylish clothing, music, pop culture, and the extraordinary.

3. 17 stores in 9 cities in Mexico

Starting with a store in Monterrey in 2013, Acapella is now nationally recognized – we have grown to 17 stores in 9 different cities in Mexico. In addition to Monterrey, find us also in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Saltillo, Querétaro, and Mérida.

4. We have shipped product to more than 40 countries

It is unreal for us to know that we have had the opportunity to ship our products to more than 40 countries around the world. We are proud that after so many years of hard work and effort, Acapella has reached people in many other countries outside of Mexico. We wanted to reach beyond our borders, and it is a goal that we have achieved.

5. We have an NPS of 78

Acapella is happy as long as our customers are happy and satisfied. The NPS metric identifies the perception that the customer has of the brand, what is their level of satisfaction with the experience and how much this affects the mention of the company to other people. Acapella currently has an NPS of 78, higher than several major international brands such as Nike, Adidas, H&M, and Louis Vouitton.

6. More than 10 collaborations

In the history of Acapella, we have created and launched more than 10 collaborations with different brands and people who share our same values. We love collaborating with others and working as a team to launch unique limited edition collections to give Acapella a different twist. From collaborations with content creators like Jay Alvarez, Mau López , and Anna Sarelly , to amazing athletes like Sergio Pérez , we've released a little bit of everything. Learn more about our collaborations here .

7. More than 440,000 followers on Instagram

We've done a lot of marketing for Acapella and our social media over the years in order to grow our audience and followers in an organic and honest way. We are very grateful to have almost half a million followers on our Instagram account @acapellaco , with people who are here to stay. We love sharing our products and brand news with you, but more than anything we love being able to interact with you through this medium, including your suggestions and participation in our dynamics.

8. We launched The Second Life Project

In order to promote sustainability and help our planet one shirt at a time, Acapella invites you to bring your new, old, or used shirts to any Acapella store to give them a second life with The Second Life Project . With the fiber from these shirts and recycled plastic, we create new thread to make 100% recycled shirts. In addition, the shirts that cannot be recycled are donated to people who need them. Fashion is one of the most polluting industries on earth, and Acapella is proud to encourage sustainable fashion.

9. We launched our Marketplace

We always work to offer you more and more in Acapella. We launched our Marketplace to introduce you and offer you quality national and international brands. Currently you can find brands like Birkenstock , 98 Coast Av. , Olivers , Nomad , Lorenza , Kane , Patara , and Romero & McPaul . Learn more about our Marketplace here .

Acapella, thank you for nine successful years. Over the years, we have fulfilled our purpose of connecting extraordinary people with extraordinary products, and we look forward to continuing to succeed in the future.

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