Los básicos perfectos para el nómada digital

The perfect basics for the digital nomad

At Acapella we embrace the concept of the digital nomad, with the purpose of designing and manufacturing smart clothing for those seeking or leading a digital and global lifestyle.

Everything we offer at Acapella is for dreamers and creative, driven and proactive people. For the traveling souls and their curious minds, for those who are inspired by good music and wonderful stories. For nomads who belong everywhere, who are constantly on the move, learning and evolving. For lovers of the earth who respect nature and protect life on it, for conscious people who think globally and act locally.

When it comes to clothing, we believe less is more and simple is smart. And it is with all this in mind that Acapella designs the perfect basics in a wide variety of styles and colors. Our shirts are durable and the best on the market. The t-shirts are ethically made from 100% cotton, with soft, breathable fabric, and feature anti-pilling and anti-shrink technology. Plus, all of our t-shirts have their own touch of creativity and are made to elevate your style.

ThePima collection became an instant bestseller , as the shirts are made from 100% Pima cotton – recognized as the best cotton in the world. Originally from Peru, the cotton is harvested by hand and the result is an extremely soft, cool and lightweight t-shirt that is wrinkle resistant. The Pima t-shirt will last you longer than t-shirts made with other types of cotton, maintaining its unmatched quality. The fabric is designed to reduce environmental impact through the durability of its fibers. We've made it a point to launch a variety of styles in many colors to suit everyone's taste, including henleys and polo shirts .

Other staples perfect for the digital nomad include tees from the X-Pocket collection , an Acapella classic . The shirts have a small pocket on the upper left side of the garment, and what distinguishes them is a small embroidered “X” in the corner of the pocket. The X-Pocket collection also inspired the Smiley collection , one of our favorites and best sellers . These t-shirts are embroidered with our favorite smiley face, which contains our iconic "X" for eyes, on the upper left side of the garment.

These details in both collections make all the difference, and immediately give the shirt personality and lift your outfit. With its urban touch, the t-shirts are perfect for daily life and any occasion. At Acapella, finding the perfect basics has never been easier.

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