Yellow Day: El día más feliz del año

Yellow Day: The happiest day of the year

At Acapella , we like to celebrate everything worthwhile, and that includes the happiest day of the year.

What is Yellow Day?

This last Monday, June 20, was Yellow Day , recognized as the happiest day of the year. In 2005, a group of expert psychologists and meteorologists, including psychologist Cliff Arnall from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, conducted studies and calculations that declared the date as such, the opposite of the saddest day of the year, known as Blue Monday . , which usually falls on the third Monday in January.

Yellow Day is the happiest day of the year due to a variety of factors that encourage happiness. To begin with, it is the last day of spring and marks the summer solstice, which welcomes the hottest season of the year and with it the following:

  • Increase in temperature: Sunnier, warmer, more fun. Warm and pleasant weather often has a positive effect on people's lives, physically and mentally.
  • More daylight hours: During the summer, there is an increase in more daylight hours, making the days longer. The sun provides us with more vitamin D, which raises energy levels.
  • Vacations: People also often plan more travel and activities during the summer due to the weather. Neither the cold nor the snow will be able to interrupt your plans, and it is also easier to pack for a trip to the beach than for a place where it is cold, or even more complicated, a ski trip.

Researchers have also found a link between exposure to bright natural light and improved mental alertness, mood, and energy. Spending some time in the sun makes all the difference, and there is no better season to increase your productivity and spend more time outside to connect with nature. Also, people tend to be more social in the summer, making plans and spending more time with family and friends.

All this together results in an increase in optimism and motivation to enjoy and make the most of the day, and also an increase in people's quality of life.

Why yellow?

In many cultures, the color yellow symbolizes happiness, warmth, and the sun. They have also related it to joy, optimism, and fun.

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